An Overview of Solar Panel System Inspection and Permitting as Part of Building Inspections SA

Installing a solar panel system requires both electrical and construction work. This type of work comes with several safety concerns, which is why the local government and utility company will need to make sure that your solar energy system meets with specific building and electrical standards before it’s allowed to be used. That’s why when you get building inspections SA, you should also include solar panel system inspection and permitting as well. It’s a necessary step when you’re planning to go solar on your new home or the current one. Your solar panel installer will likely handle the logistics regarding both as a part of their services. In this article, we’re going to discuss what you can expect from solar permits and inspections, as well as the cost of both.


Solar Permitting Requirements

When you plan to install solar panels to your home, you’ll need to apply for certain permits. These documents will serve as proof that the local government has approved of your installation and use of such a system. Before installing your solar panels, you’ll need to obtain these permits from your local government for permission to install and use your solar system. Generally, you’ll have to apply for a structural permit, an electrical permit, and a dedicated solar photovoltaic permit.

To obtain these permits, you’ll need to provide specifications about your proposed solar panels equipment and system design. It will likely involve determining the following factors: location, size and type of installation. Click here to know more about them.


Solar Panel System Inspection Process

You will need an inspection for both pre- and post-inspection of your solar panel system. An inspection before the actual installation is important for ensuring that your property’s electrical system can handle the addition of a solar panel system. If you’re planning to install your solar panels on your rooftop, an engineer will need to inspect your roof for any structural issues. At the same time, several other parts of your home will be inspected. That’s why you should get professional building inspections SA that comes with a solar panel inspection. That way, you’ll be getting multiple inspection services in one.


Cost of Solar Permitting and Inspection

Finally, we’re going to talk about the cost. Since the permit requirements vary, so do the costs. Keep in mind that the rate for permitting is different from inspection. That means you need to budget for both. For actual numbers, the current price for solar permitting rate here in South Australia is $500 for residential solar projects. Solar panel system inspection is around $600 – $700 depending on your system. The price tends to double when it comes to commercial solar panels.


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