South Australia’s Solar Power Initiative: What You Should Know

The biggest news to come out this year regarding environment-friendly initiatives is the SA government’s solar power rebate. Referred to as the “Home Battery Scheme,” it offers all South Australian households the access to a $6,000 subsidy intended for the purchase of a registered solar battery storage system. If you are wondering how you get to benefit from it, then you should read the rest of this article to understand how the initiative works to your favour.



Since everyone expects that the subsidies will eventually reduce over time, it is imperative that you lock in your maximum allowable rebate, and in the process transform your home into a sustainable living space with the use of solar power. Keep in mind that while you do not entirely go off-grid with the installation of solar panels, instead you get to combine it with a reliable solar battery system that allows you to store electricity and use it later when everyone else is paying for a premium price for power coming from the grid.


What you can do right now is to find a company or provider who will help you in identifying the system and scheme that will minimise the cost of your transition to solar power. It is crucial that you work with the right company because you can only qualify for the SA government solar power rebate if you have the ideal system in place and installed by a legitimate provider with a history of contributions to the community.


The idea behind the home battery scheme is to allow South Australian homeowners to have better control of how they use energy and give them the freedom to become independent from the conventional power grid at last. Although completely going off-grid may be a far-fetched idea unless you have the money to make a full transition, the best thing about this opportunity is you can minimise your reliance to fossil fuels that contribute to greenhouse gas emissions. The $6,000 subsidy is generally for the purchase and installation of a solar battery system. If you already installed solar panels on your roof at home, it’ll benefit you in a way that you now have the option to store the energy your system collects during the day and then use it during peak hours of usage.


To date, the initiative is the most significant incentive for battery storage offered in the country. Simply put, it is an opportunity you never should ignore or pass up. Most people say that investing in a solar power system with battery storage is not practical and viable because of the cost. But with this scheme, you get your best chance without the need to spend thousands of dollars.

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