The Must-Have Stuff for your Portable AC

Every homeowner in Australia will have to go through harsh summer months, and the only practical way to beat the heat is by using an air conditioning system. For most homes, it could be a central AC, window type, or the modern ductless mini-split unit. However, if you live in a small apartment or house, you can save a lot of money if you choose a portable air conditioning unit.

Window Kit for Air ConditionerContrary to what most people will say, a portable AC can cool your room or home just like any other type of air conditioning. But what makes it advantageous compared to all different models of AC is that you can move the unit from one area or room to another based on your need for cooling. When the summer season ends, you can conveniently store it away from your living area.

You do have to understand that if you choose to buy a portable air conditioning unit, there are a few accessories you need to keep the equipment running the way it is supposed to. These accessories are a must-have if you want smooth operation for your AC.

1 – Filter

You must know that all types of air conditioning system need filters to work correctly. The purpose of the filter is to remove particles in the air and ensure that the unit blows clean air. Over time, filters become clogged, thereby reducing airflow and will lead to the inability of the unit to provide enough cooling power. Hence, you need to change filters regularly.

2 – Window Kit

A portable variety requires a window kit for air conditioner, and the reason is that it is a type of AC that must be vented. The window kit is an essential accessory if you do not have access to a conventional window in the area or room you plan on using the portable AC. The idea is to add the kit to your unit.

In case your room does not have a window, another option aside from a window kit for air conditioner is a drop ceiling vent kit. It is the practical solution for rooms or office spaces that come with a drop ceiling but no windows for venting hot air out.

3 – Remote Control

Finally, even a portable air conditioner needs a remote control, and it is all about the convenience of operation and use. You do not want to wake up and get out of bed in the middle of the night to adjust your AC since you feel a bit warm and uncomfortable. With the remote control on your bedside table, you can conveniently reach for it and change the temperature even with your eyes closed.

You see, even an inexpensive portable AC can provide you with the same comfort and convenience to that of the more expensive counterparts.